Russia and Eurasia Programme

Bringing together the best thinking on the region’s changing dynamics and their global implications.

Our Russia and Eurasia Programme aims to be a catalyst for debate. We provide forthright, interdisciplinary discussion of problems that demand an interdisciplinary approach.

We achieve maximum geographical and thematic coverage through our international network of associate fellows and local experts.


  • Producing lucid, analytically focused and well-substantiated research.
  • Convening roundtables, seminars, and study groups to underpin long-term projects.
  • Informing the expert community and the wider public through international media.
  • Providing expert consultancy for the corporate sector.

Research focus

Established in 1986 as the Soviet Foreign Policy Programme, we swiftly evolved to cover policy in both the Russian Federation and newly independent states. Our challenge today is to reflect forces and interests in the region without diminishing the attention we have always devoted to Russia.

Our research includes work on:

  • Russia’s war on Ukraine.
  • The impact of the war on domestic politics in Russia.
  • Internal political developments in Ukraine.
  • The geopolitics of the region.

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